Mobile app marketing

The affiliate program

The affiliate program gives you a chance to cash on our services. Post our link or banner on your website or social network page and get up to 15% of what we earn.

  • We pay from 10% to 15% of what the amount spent by the client you brought us
  • Your commission from “AppStore reviews” is 10%, from “submissions” – 15%, from App Store description - 10%
  • The commission is payable for each order of the client you brought
  • You can withdraw your commission starting from $100 upon request via PayPal (or other payment system).
  • Friendly personal account and support
  • Highly desired services

An example:

You have posted the link on your website. There have been 500 clicks a month, and 35 of the clickers have become our clients. Let’s say, each of them would buy services for $110. In this case your profit will be $577.5 that month, and 15% of all the following orders of these clients. Considering that one in three repeats purchase once in two months, you will get about $8500 a year from the customers you brought during the very FIRST month.
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