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Years of work

>50 000

Appstore reviews

>2 000

Sent app review request
to popular sites

1 own app in TOP 20 USA
We are 100% confident in the quality of our services. If you are not satisfied, we
will refund you, no questions asked.

Submitting app review request on the popular
websites that review apps

We ask about 1000 websites to review your app.

  • What kind of service is it?

    • 1 We have database of more than 1000 websites in 21
    • 2 These websites can review your app.
    • 3 We contact editors of those websites on your behalf requesting
      a review for your app.

    How does it work?

  • 1You place an order
  • We write a unique text of request
  • We spread that message. How? There are two ways of contact: contact forms and e-mails
  • The contact form will be filled in manually by our employee (on your behalf)
  • We send emails via Unisender service (with your name and from your address)
  • We complete the order within 72 hours and send you screenshots of filled contact forms as evidence of our work
  • It looks like if you've found a site and sent a message
    to the editor on your own.
    * By the way, we refer to the majority of the editors by name.


    • We guarantee that we will send out the messages.
    • We do not guarantee hundred of reviews.
    • This work should be done in any case, even by you independently. If at least one major site writes about you, your app will have good chances to show up at the top. Do not miss this opportunity.
    Unconditional guarantee. If you are unhappy with the service provided,
    we will refund you.

    Why is it worth the money?

    • We need to find a lot of websites in different languages and then regularly update this database. Search for all websites takes at least a month of work of one person.
    • Filling a few hundred forms in different languages is not an easy task. Filling the fields correctly and puzzle out CAPTCHA on all websites takes an average of 8-10 hours of one person who does this every day using a special technique.
    • It is a knowledge of how not to fall into the spam box.
    • It is writing of a proper text for the review enquiry instead of a boring and formal press release.

    Who needs this service?

    You do not need it if:

    You are the umpteenth clone of angry birds, 2048, or any other popular game.
    Nobody will write about you, so do not waste your efforts in vain.

    You need it, if you have:
    • a high-quality utility
    • a new interesting program
    • a lovely and exciting game
    • a huge event

    This service is for you.

    Submitting app review request on the popular
    websites that review apps


    249 sites


    711 sites


    Choose the languages
    of your app

    • * The number of sent requests may vary depending on the type of application. We
      don't send requests for reviews of utilities to the sites that write only about games.
    • ** If you want the mailout for two OS, please contact us directly, and we will give you a
      20% discount, because some sites in these packages are repeated (i.e. they write
      about both iOS and Android).
    • *** When you order the full package, we give you 5 AppStore reviews for a free app
      (or convert into reviews for a paid app).
    Coming soon...
    Coming soon...

    If you have any questions,
    please ask us

    AppStore reviews

    When potential users see a page of your app in AppStore, they
    decide whether to download it basing on opinions of others. We can post
    those opinions.

    Good reviews increase conversion of the app views in AppStore into
    its downloads. Good reviews will bring you more money. Try it.

    From $3 per review
    My app is
    I want
    must be divisible by 5
    maximum 80
    It costs

    More info about service

    • 1 We have a manager who receives
      and processes the order
    • 2 We have dozens of real people with
      their own iPhones in various cities
    • 3 After receiving your order, the manager sends the app to reviewers to download and explore it and leave a positive review
    • 4 Our guys leave 3-5 reviews in English
      in USA AppStore per day – or more,
      if you need it
    • 5 Our manager carefully examines
      text quality and its style, literacy and adequacy to the app
    • 6 Presto! Your app has excellent
      reviews, which will bring you more

    How can you custom the reviews?

    • Number of stars

      We give 4-5 stars by default.

    • Speed

      We leave 3-5 reviews per day by default.

    • Length of reviews

      The default length of reviews is 10-50 words.

    • Text of reviews

      We (reviewers) can submit your own texts of reviews
      you can provide us with texts of reviews and our team will submit them to the appstore.

    If you want to change anything, please contact us
    at after paying the order.

    Our advantages

    • Security. We do not use "review farms." All reviews are left by real people from various cities manually from iOS devices, who access your app in different ways and at different times.
    • Anonymity. All the work is just between you and us.
    • We control every process. You need a certain number of reviews per day? You want to insert your texts? You want a mix of stars on AppStore? You want a different length of reviews? Tell us, and we will do everything!
    • Our texts are not distinguished from ordinary users’ texts. After all, they are written by regular users!
    • No texts like "good app". No platitudes! (only if you ask for it).

    We do not cheat with ranking and downloads. Our goal is to motivate other
    people to download your app.
    Reviews are a marketing tool, try it!

    From $3 per review
    My app is
    I want
    must be divisible by 5
    maximum 80
    It costs

    AppStore Description

    If you are a programmer and it’s hard for you to write a selling description
    of your app, we can help you.
    • We know who read app descriptions and why
    • We know what should be written there
    • We know how to make more users download your app

    Appstore App description 99$

    App testing

    Sometimes it is also difficult to look critically at your creation. To do this, you need another person who can professionally test and assess your app, giving you a resulting report.

    Who needs this service?

    Indie developer
    Small team
    Want to look at your app with different eyes? I am Roman Churin, founder of
    promoarrow, can test your app personally
  • 1 I check whether features work as they should.
  • 2 I deep dive into the app and scroll different scenarios of user behavior.
  • 3 I look at your app with fresh and fair eyes from the view of both user and developer.
  • 4 I suggest hypothesis and recommendations for improvement of the product.
  • Why can I do this?

    I led the Manulapps team of developers.
    Our app Illogical Alex Free was in:
    Top 20 Overall USA
    Top 3 Overall Russia
    I have been in app marketing for five years.
    5 Years of work
    5000 More Apps

    I process dozens of apps per day, and we have served thousands of developers.

    I consulted many of them privately.

    I am also good in finding app bugs and shortcomings, I also see ways to correct
    them well. I like what I do.

    Roman Churin, founder of Promoarrow

    What will you get?

    • A list of hypotheses and recommendations for improvement of the product
    • A bug list detailing how to replicate the bug
    • A list of logical/UX errors in the app with recommendations on how to fix them
    • Confidence that you will not miss a few serious bugs or errors in the release and will not spend the marketing budget on pumping traffic into apps with defects.
    Ask price
    or write to